Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House

Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House

When I was asked to do the Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House, Argyll for Russell and Lindsay I was delighted, however I soon realised that this could be my most challenging Wedding to photograph yet with the Wedding Ceremony in Ardkinglas Woodland.

You see, their Wedding was being photographed in the woods, and there are rumours of a Gruffalo roaming those woods.

No, in all seriousness it was going to be a challenging shoot.

Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House, Argyll

Woodland Wedding Photography

Photographing a Wedding can be difficult and challenging at the best of times, adding in further complications that the woods can bring just ramps that up.

The most difficult part is you have no control over the light, none whatsoever.

The weather conditions were stunning on this day, and as a Wedding Photographer we pray for clouds…sorry but we do, the night before we are on our knees praying for a big blanket of altocumulus clouds.

Now, this is not being mean to our clients, this is to help them. This is so we do not get harsh light, which results in awful shadows, especially on the face.

Bridal Prep at Ardkinglas House

Ok, lets head back to the start.

We started the day off with the bridal prep in Ardkinglas House itself and I have to admit, it is a stunning house.

Bridal Prep at Ardkinglas House

Situated in Ardkinglas Estate on the banks of Loch Fyne, Argyll it has some absolutely breathtaking scenery looking out over the Loch and also towards the surrounding hills and Munro’s, woodlands and garden.

Just another reason why Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House is a joy to shoot.

The house itself offers self catering accommodation and is an amazing venue for Weddings, Parties and other events.

This was where I found the stunning bride to be getting her hair and make-up done.

The room itself had plenty of room to move around in considering there were quite a few of us in there and this is always nice to have as the photographer.

Wedding Ceremony in Ardkinglas Woodland

Next we were off to the woods to see the Gruffalo.

An area had been looked out by a falling tree which had created an arch and there were area’s in the side of the hill for guests to sit.

The Ceremony was held by Argyll and Bute Registrars who held a lovely service as the always do.

As I hinted at earlier reference the lighting, it was starting to create havoc as the harsh sunlight was breaking through the trees and branches causing bad shadows on people’s faces.

To counter this I had to position myself as best I could to avoid harsh shadows on the Bride and Groom’s faces.

Wedding Ceremony in Arkinglas Woodland

Bridge and Groom at Loch Fyne

After the Ceremony we headed back to the house for some post Ceremony refreshment which was much needed due to the heat.

From a photographic point of view this was a great chance for me to get an image of the Bride and Groom at Loch Fyne, a stunning setting.

Bridge and Groom at Loch Awe

Wedding Reception at Strachur

After refreshments and the group photo’s we were off to Strachur, Argyll for the reception.

From here we had the Speeches, a fantastic meal, some opportunistic photographs of the Bridal and Groom Parties and also some wicked dancing.

Bridge and Groom Shoot

I love to take the Bride and Groom away from the madness of the Wedding for a bit. It gives them a nice little break.

For Russell and Lindsey we actually headed to two different locations. The first one we headed back into the woods to a ruined cabin that they had seen whilst walking and wanted some photos taking there.

Then it was up to The Rest and Be Thankful to get some epic landscapes.

Argyll really does offer some stunning vista’s and this little view point at The Rest certainly ticks that box and added a nice element to the Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House package.

Scenic Argyll Wedding Photography

Do You Need Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House?

Hopefully you can see all the advantages that having your Wedding at Ardkinglas house has to offer.

We would be absolutely honoured to do your Wedding Photography at Ardkinglas House for you.

Why choose us?

Well, we have photographed there before so we know the area well. We also believe that with our desire and passion for Weddings combined with one of our Packages that we will capture stunning and natural photos for your album.

Check out some of the reviews from previous clients on our home page to see what they have said.

Added to that, we believe that the Wedding Photographer plays a massive part in making great memories of your big day. We will ensure that we have a plan in place that makes sure we capture all of the perfect moments from your day and will work with other vendors on the day to ensure this happens.

So, Contact us straight away to make an enquiry or for more information about booking us.

Finally, check out this awesome YouTube video by Ardkinglas which shows the stunning estate in all it’s beauty:

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