Argyll Wedding Photographer

Argyll Wedding Photography

An Argyll Wedding Photographer is born…or re-born depending on how you look at it.

I have decided to come back in to the Wedding Photography market after a couple of years off so if you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Argyll then Contact Me for my availability or any other information.

Argyll Wedding Photographer

You will find my prices competitive for the Packages that you can receive. These packages have been tailored made for the most value for money for the happy couple and based on my previous experience in the industry.

Natural Style

I believe in a natural style, capturing those beautiful, magical and natural moments results in a much better image and is why for the most part I will just be working away in the background.

Only during the Groups and the all important Bride and Groom shoot do I become a bit more vocal which allows me to fine tune certain elements of the image but still hold a natural feel to them.


Being a Wedding Photographer in Argyll certainly has it’s advantages, none more so than the stunning scenery, as seen at a Wedding at Barcaldine Castle here.

One of the things I am big on is having my Bride and Groom pick a location for their private shoot and this can range from a stunning waterfall, a mesmerising vista out to the mountains or a small pier on a remote loch, you want it we will get it.

Argyll Wedding Photographer

Argyll Wedding Photographer

So, you are getting hitched, then get in touch and make your booking so not to miss out in getting your Argyll Wedding Photography secured.

Check out my Portfolio from some previous Weddings to get a taste of my style to make sure you know what you are getting.

Finally, check out this post on choosing the right wedding photographer, it’s full of great tips and advice.

Author: James Collett

Natural, Unobtrusive and Documentary Wedding Photographer who likes to shoot in a relaxed and light hearted atmosphere with over 10 years experience in Wedding Photography. I learned photography whilst serving in the Armed Forces and continued photography in the landscape genre winning a few awards along the way before moving into Wedding Photography.