Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall

Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall

We start our 2024 Wedding season with some Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall for the fantastic wedding of Gary and Jackie, followed by a cracking Wedding Reception at MACC Business Park Officer’s Mess

Join us as we share our thoughts, feelings and lessons learned from a truly amazing day of wedding photography.

Please note that we only share a few of the images of the day as the rest of the images are in Gary and Jackie’s Wedding Album.

Before we get to the Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall we actually head for the Grooms Prep.

Groom’s Prep

I was delighted that Gary wanted some Groom Preparation photo’s done as too often in the past Groom’s have declined this option, preferring to leave all the limelight to their Brides.

But, in our Grooms Wedding Photos we highlight the importance of the Groom getting his preparation photos done also.

We kick the day off at Gary’s mum and dad’s house where he, his brothers and nephew are getting ready.

On arrival the lads are in high spirits and it doesn’t take long for the smiles and laughter to start flowing, along with a few refreshments to help ease the nerves lol.

Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall - Groom Prep

Get The Rings

I always find this a great opportunity to capture some detail images of the rings as I don’t like asking the couple to take them off later on if I didn’t get the opportunity.

Wedding Rings

A few standard images of the Groom getting ready is always required especially when there is nice natural light coming in through the window.

Groom Preparation

And also some of the Best man helping the Groom out with his attire.

Best man helping the Groom with his button hole.

The a final few images of the Groom and his Groomsmen all looking dashing in their suits.

Groom and Groomsmen

Bridal Preparation

Next we were off for the Bridal Preparation at Ugadale Cottages which is becoming more and more popular for Wedding Parties to stay at during their Wedding.

The Hairdressers and Make-Up artists were well underway by the time we had arrived so we got straight to work by capturing the detail shots.

Links and info will be posted of the hairdessers, make-up artists etc below.

Brides Dress

Not to be outdone by their Wedding party rivals, the girls were also starting to enjoy some of the perks of being part of the Bridal Party.

I do like capturing the Bridal Preparations as not only does it let me capture some nice moments but it also gives the Bridal Party time to get comfortable with the camera being pointed at them.

Bride and Her Daughter

This is often overlooked or just not understood. The more relaxed that people are with the presence of a photographer and camera then the better the images will look.

It can get a bit cramped at times during the Bridal Preparations with all of the Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Kids, Hairdressers, Make-Up artists.

We can even have pets, and Wedding Planners etc on site but luckily the Ugadale Cottages have plenty of room.

Time was flying in and it was soon time to get the dress on.

It was soon time for us to head to start the Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall, but not before we capture a few images of the Bridal Party all looking stunning.

Bridal Party Portrait at Ugadale Cottages

There were so many good images that we captured during the Bridal Preparations that culling the images in post editing became extremely difficult, but the remaining images are left for the Wedding Album.

Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall – The Ceremony

It’s time for us to head to the Town Hall and capture the Ceremony.

We arrive in good time and start to capture the guests arriving, but firstly, and importantly for me is to meet the Registrar, who on this day was Linsay MacPhail from Argyll and Bute Council who held a lovely Ceremony.

It’s important for me to talk with the officiant on the day to establish where I can go and what I can use as not all venue’s or officiants are the same and can put restrictions on you.

The Town Hall itself was looking lovely with a nice fresh layout for the ceremony as seen below.

Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall

Soon afterwards the Groomsmen arrived shortly followed by the guests.

When all the guests were seated and we had enough photographs we headed down the stairs and outside for the arrival of the Bridal Party and the Bride.

Followed by the Bride shortly after.

And then it’s time for the Father of The Bride to walk his daughter down the aisle.

And then the Ceremony begins.

Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall – Groups

During my meeting with Gary and Jackie prior to the Wedding it was decided that we would capture the group shots in the Town Hall.

Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall Group Shots

Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall – Bride and Groom Shoot

The original plan was for us to head to a location to capture Davaar Island in the background.

However, the weather took a turn for the worse and it was raining pretty heavily so we opted for plan B, the Town Hall.

Again, only a few of the images from the shoot in the post.

From here it was out to the old Officers Mess at MACC Business Park for the Reception.

The second half of this can be found here at Wedding Photography at MACC Business Park Officers Mess.

Wedding Reception at MACC Business Park Officers Mess

Thank you for viewing and please check out the post above for some more stunning images from Gary and Jackie’s Wedding Reception including Cutting The Cake, Arriving at The Reception, Speeches, First Dance, Partying on The Dance Floor and a unique image of the Bride and Groom.

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer then check our Wedding Photography Packages or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Not Just Wedding Photography at Campbeltown Town Hall

Campbeltown Town Hall has a rich history dating back to the late 18th century. Originally, the town hall was built between 1767 and 1768 by John Carswell, a local mason.

It was constructed in the Georgian style, which was prevalent during that period.

The town hall served as a central hub for civic and social activities in Campbeltown.

It hosted various events, including council meetings, concerts, dances, and public gatherings.

The building also housed administrative offices for local government functions.

Over the years, the town hall underwent several renovations and modifications to accommodate the changing needs of the community.

In the mid-19th century, significant alterations were made to the building’s facade, giving it a more Victorian appearance.

During the 20th century, Campbeltown Town Hall continued to play a vital role in the town’s life.

However, like many historic buildings, it faced challenges related to maintenance and preservation.

In the latter part of the century, efforts were made to restore and preserve the town hall to ensure its continued use and relevance.

Today, Campbeltown Town Hall stands as a symbol of the town’s rich heritage and serves as a venue for various cultural, social, and civic activities.

It remains an essential landmark in Campbeltown and continues to contribute to the community’s sense of identity and pride.

The Other Vendors

Time to give some credit to the other fantastic vendors on the day that helped make Gary and Jackie’s day an amazing one:


Kay McLatchie at The Parlour

Karen Louise Sharp at The Loft


Jess Lang at Makeup by Jess

Sally McKerral Make Up


Moira Ramsay at Finishing Touches by Moira


Tan Black Cakes and Demos

Wedding Decor:

Argyll Wedding and Events

Meals and Bar:

Argyll Bakeries

Reception Venue:

MACC Business Park

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