Full Day Wedding Photography

Full Day Wedding Package

I have been tweaking my Full Day Wedding Photography Package and I believe that we have the best Wedding Photography Package out there, and we are sure that our full day wedding photography price that covers Argyll, Helensburgh, Glasgow and the surrounding areas is the best value for money.

Wedding Stress

We understand that planning a wedding is a stressful time. We understand that wedding photographers can have so many options to choose from and different styles that eventually couples give up and just go with the what seems like the best offer.

But, is it the best offer for them?

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography shouldn’t really be that difficult, but unfortunately it can be, and that is done by design by a lot of photographers so that they can hard sell to you.

Check out a post that we done a while ago on the 12 Things to Check When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer which will give you some pointers on what to look for when choosing the right photographer for you, cough cough 🙂

Full Day Wedding Photography Package

Full Day Wedding Photography Package

Having done many weddings since 2015 we are finally happy with the full day wedding photography package below and believe that this ticks all the boxes you need for a memorable album from your wedding and a great experience with us at Argyll Wedding Photography.


•              Preparation photo’s – Primarily the bride however if the groom is near then we will capture him also. These include make-up and hair prep, details of the dress, shoes, jewellery, invites, flowers, rings and any other gifts. Photo’s with the bridal team and groom team if being photographed.

•              Father of the bride reveal – Images of the father seeing the bride in her dress for the first time.

•              The Ceremony – Guests arriving at the ceremony venue and the ceremony.

•              After Ceremony – Bride and Groom walking down the aisle together, guests after the ceremony.

•              Group Shots – Group shots as pre agreed.

•              1st Private Shoot – This will depend on the weather and light but we tend to have the first private shoot before the meal.

•              Speeches – Depends on the order of the day but we will capture the speeches.

•              Cutting The Cake.

•              First Dance.

•              Reception.

•              We will be capturing images from throughout the day, such as details, kids, guests etc.

•              2nd Private Shoot – This shoot is usually taken either around sunset or when it is evening to create either a sunset image or a unique image at night using off camera flash, mirrors etc.

•              Anywhere from 10 to 12 hours of photography.

•              Images uploaded to a gallery on my website.

•              Images saved onto a wooden inscribed usb stick

•              40 image printed album

•              2nd photographer

•              Image release

•              Affiliate member – Anyone you recommend who books a wedding with us, after their wedding you will be entitled to a £50 reward.

Full Day Wedding Photography Price

You get this package for just:



    WHAT A PHOTOGRAPHER…!!! We knew straight away that we were in safe hands when we chose Argyll Wedding Photography to shoot our special day… James is a lovely guy and really easy to speak to and work with. He is exceptional at his craft, well organised, extremely knowledgeable and creative… We received sooooo many lovely compliments from friends and family saying, how beautiful our wedding photographs are… but the real compliments are due to James… Thank you once again…


      James did an absolutely fantastic job of photographer at our wedding back in July. The photos were really great and were just what we were hoping for. I’ve been to many weddings where the photographer seems to take over and also take forever to get the shots, but James was just working away in the background mostly and any group shots didn’t disrupt things at all. Me and Will would not hesitate to recommend Argyll Wedding Photography for your wedding or event .


        We hired James for our Wedding and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our album is lovely and we have many, many photographs of our close family and friends at our Wedding to look back on. James and Liz are very professional and we encourage anyone to hire them if they are needing their Wedding photographed. We rate them so highly that we are recommending them to a Wedding venue nearby to work with them. 5 stars from us.


          James done an amazing job of our wedding and we love our photographs. James is VERY professional and we highly recommend him. James actually helped out on the day as our wedding coordinator took ill due to the extreme heat and James stepped up to the plate and made the necessary announcements when required and guided our guests to the correct locations that they were to be. Our wedding went brilliantly and we have superb images all thanks to James

          Benefits of a Full Day Wedding Photography Package

          Key Benefits and Features

          • Comprehensive Coverage:

             – Feature: Full-day coverage from pre-ceremony preparations to the reception.

             – Ensures no precious moment is missed, providing a complete visual narrative of the wedding day.

          • High-Quality Photography:

             – Feature: Professional-grade equipment and expertise.

             – Delivers stunning, high-resolution images that capture the essence of the day with clarity and detail.

          • Multiple Photographers:

             – Feature: A team of skilled photographers.

             – Ensures a diverse set of perspectives and coverage, capturing more candid moments and different angles simultaneously.

          • Customized Editing:

             – Feature: Professional photo editing and retouching.

             – Enhances the overall aesthetic of the photos, ensuring a polished and consistent look.

          • Online Gallery

             – Feature: Access to a private online gallery to view and share photos.

             – Conveniently allows couples to share their special moments with friends and family, eliminating the need for physical copies.

          • Prints and Albums:

             – Feature: Option to order high-quality prints and custom wedding albums.

             – Offers tangible keepsakes, preserving memories in a timeless format.

          What Makes This Package Stand Out

          • Personalized Approach:

             – The package establishes a personal connection with the couple, resulting in more authentic and emotionally rich wedding day photographs.

          • Team Dynamics:

             – The presence of multiple photographers ensures a dynamic and thorough coverage, setting the package apart from those offering solo coverage.

          • Professional Editing:

             – The emphasis on customized editing distinguishes the package by delivering a unique and polished final product, tailored to the couple’s preferences.

          • Complete Service Package:

             – Offering not just digital files but also prints and albums, the package provides a comprehensive service, catering to both modern digital preferences and traditional desires for physical keepsakes.

          • Online Accessibility:

             – The provision of an online gallery addresses the modern need for easy sharing and accessibility, making it convenient for clients to relive and share their special day.

          By combining these features, the Full Day Wedding Photography Package stands out as a comprehensive, personalised, and high-quality service that goes beyond capturing images to tell the unique story of each couple’s special day.

          Full Day Wedding Photography Price

          Great Value

          As you can see, the full day package offers great value for money, we truly believe it is the best package on the market at the moment.

          When we researched the package we noticed that a lot of photographers would hold certain elements and try to upsell them to their clients, such as an album, extra photographer, image release etc.

          All of these come as part of our package.

          Competitive Price

          Our package is very competitively priced. Did you know that the average price for Wedding Photography in the UK in 2022 was £1800.

          When we researched the Scottish market in particular we averaged the price for full day wedding photography at £1500.

          Grab yourself a bargain and click the ‘Book Now’ button below and get in touch with us to get your date booked.