Wedding at The Burnet Building

Wedding at The Burnet Building

On Saturday the 15th of June we Photographed a Wedding at The Burnet Building, Campbeltown, Argyll for Christopher and Caitlin.

We have shot in here a few times before but it always a nice venue to come back to as you have the option of indoors and out.

Before we get to the Ceremony part we started the day with the preparations of both the bride and groom, so join us as we start with the Bridal Prep.

Bridal Prep at Kildalloig Estate

Caitlin started the day off with her Bridal Prep at one of the cottages that you can hire from Kildalloig Estate, Ballimenach Farmhouse.

When we arrived the hair and make-up artists were well underway so it was straight to work with myself getting some images of the hair and make-up and Liz getting the details.

From a photography perspective the cottage is a dream to photograph in, natural light with stunning views over to Davaar Island, you will see what I mean soon.

On the hair was Gayle Durnin with Sally McKerrall doing the make-up

Wedding Dress and Bridal Details

Whilst I was capturing the hair and make-up, Liz was off in one of the rooms capturing the dress and other bridal details.

The dress was purchased at Eleganza Sposa with flowers at The Stemery and Jewellery at Morrisons Jewellery.

Bridesmaids Responsibilities

In a previous post we highlight the Duties of The Maid of Honour and Zoe and Yasmin were magnificent for Caitlin on the day helping her out at every opportunity.

And then we headed outside for some stunning Bridal Portraits looking towards Davaar Island.

Take a look at this video of the Bridal Prep for a ‘Behind The Scenes’ look or a ‘Behind The Camera’ as I like to call it.

From here we were off to visit the boys for the Groom Prep

Groom Prep

When we arrived we met up with Greg Grogan who was the videographer on the day and he was brilliant to work with throughout the whole day.

Christopher, Josh and Jamie were all in good spirits and as always there were a few laughs as the lads started to get the kilts on.

I’m not sure how it happened but at some point Christopher and Josh got their sporran mixed up and Josh was having a struggle trying to get it on Christopher.

Laughs, Giggles and Profanities

Sharing the Behind The Scenes video footage from this would be Parental Advisory at the least, as there was some ‘expressive’ vernacular being used between the two brothers lol.

But, in all seriousness it was a great laugh with them and we are always willing to help out our clients getting into their wedding attire.

When I met with Christopher and Caitlin they made a request that I get an image of her Grandad helping Christopher out.

When I saw the Grandad helping Christopher with his tie I though this is my moment.

I didn’t realise that the image below would hit me as hard as it did when I was editing it but it really did.

I’ll break the image down for you but also give you a little context first.

Sentimental Value

As I said Caitlin had asked for an image with her Grandad and Christopher, so I had that in the back of my mind and when the boys were getting ready Christopher phoned for Robyn to come over to help.

She had warned me that he wont smile and wont like his photo taken so you may need to catch him on the fly.

If we skip forward a bit I ended up talking with Robyn for a bit outside the Ceremony waiting for the Bride to arrive as we go to the same gym and know each other to see.

After a few moments of speaking and having a laugh he tells me that he is not in the best health which I suppose is to be expected as we get older but it adds some sentimental value to precious images like that below.

Wedding Photography at The Burnet Building - Groom Prep

Photographers Perspective

The image may not seem much to you but from a photographers point of view and from the bride and groom’s perspective it has a lot of emotional and sentimental weight.

When I look at this image I see Christopher’s emotions to a man that he never knew a few years ago, who has since accepted him into his family and is now helping him get dressed to marry his grand daughter.

It shows to me how much impact Robyn has had on Christopher to make him react like this…wow. Moments like these are priceless, and I feel privileged to have captured this for them.

Wedding at The Burnet Building – Ceremony

There was a small crowd gathering for the Wedding at The Burnet Building which is the norm in Campbeltown.

On arrival we captured some images of the Groom and Groomsmen outside and the guests starting to arrive.

I headed inside to meet Julie McLellan, the Argyll and Bute Council Registrar on the day just to make sure everything was ok and if there were any restrictions in place etc.

In all the Weddings I have done with Argyll and Bute Council Registrars they have always been very accommodating and professional.

I would like to add that the Ceremony that Julie gave on this day was absolutely brilliant and if you are considering the registrars for your wedding I highly recommend them.

I could go on, but here you are, just a select few images from the Ceremony.

BTW – It is so hard to choose just a few images from the 150 odd to try and make the Ceremony look good.

As I said earlier, for a Wedding in The Burnet Building you have the option of indoors or outdoors, so after the Ceremony we headed outside to the Linda McCartney memorial garden to get a few images.

Next up it was back to Ballimenach Farm House for the group shots.

Group Shots

The group shots don’t take long when there is a list of who the bride and groom want in them and there is no where for the participants to hide lol.

Bride and Groom Shoot 1

The original plan was to do the first Bride and Groom shoot at Ballimenach Farmhouse and it was going to plan until a few showers started.

So, rather than waste time waiting for them to pass we finished this off out at the MACC Business Park. By the time we got out there and done a few things we were able to head outside again out there.


We always love the speeches and listening to the funny stories that people tell about the happy couple.

It brings out a mix of emotions from the couple but also from friends and family.

Cutting The Cake

A nice twist with the cake was that the Bride had not seen the cake yet so her reactions were because this was her first viewing of the cake and the details on it.

First Dance

Bride and Groom Sunset

Living on a peninsula does have its advantages, such as stunning sunsets. So Bride + Groom + Beach = Sunset Photos


The last thing was for everyone to enjoy the party.


Before we go here are a few of the details from the reception at the Officers Mess at MACC Business Park which was setup by Argyll Weddings and Events.

Wedding at The Burnet Building – Thank You

Liz and I would like to thank Christopher and Caitlin for choosing us to photograph their wedding, we had a great day the pair of you were an absolute blast to photograph.

An amazing day had by all and some special memories captured for a lovely couple, we wish the pair of you all the best for the future.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer then feel free to Contact Us for availability and Pricing.