Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church

Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church

Saturday the 29th of July 2024 saw us photograph a Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church with Reverend Steven Sass conducting the service for the Wedding of Gordon and Emma.

The Ceremony was followed up by a brilliant reception at a marquee tent at their house which was provided by Crown Marquee Hire.

However before we get there we started our day with the bridal prep where Emma, Betty and Fiona were getting ready at the Dellwood Hotel.

Bridal Prep at The Dellwood Hotel

When we arrived the ladies were already getting their hair and make-up done so we got straight to work.

On the hair was Michelle Ross from Streaks Ahead and the make-up was Jacquelyn Clark, both very professional and skilled in their respective professions.

If you are planning a wedding or need a hair stylist or make-up artist then give the girls a look.

Bruce and Tracey from the Dellwood had put the girls in the lounge for the prep which was absolutely brilliant as it gave us plenty of space to move around in.

And from a photography point of view there was plenty of natural light coming in the large window, in fact too much at one point as I actually had to close some of the blinds to reduce the light.

The girls were in a relaxed mood which helps with the natural feel to our style of photography.

Here are a few of the Bridal Prep images from the day.

Dellwood Hotel - Bridal Prep

Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church – Bridal Details

Whilst I was photographing the Bridal Prep, Liz was upstairs capturing the Bridal details.

It’s good having Liz work with me as she looks at things from a different perspective and helps balance out the photography from a woman’s view point.

Here are some of the bridal details and Prep.

Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church – The Bride Arrives

The Groom had already arrived by the time we got to the church so after we finished our checks and got some images we waited for the arrival of Emma.

And I have to say I loved the car she arrived in that was provided by Gordon’s uncle and had a modified horn fitted to the tune of ‘here comes the bride’

Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church

Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church – The Ceremony

Time flies when you are having fun as they say and we were soon heading for the Ceremony.

This is first time in a few years that we have photographed a Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church, so on arrival we introduced ourselves with Reverend Steven Sass.

We like to arrive with at least 20 minutes before the Ceremony starts so we can talk with whoever is in charge to make sure we know where we can go.

Luckily for us Reverend Sass was very helpful and told us we can take photo’s from wherever we wanted and that he didn’t mind us walking around.

We have had a few in the past where the officiant have put restrictions on our movements and the use of flash, which can have a major impact of the photographs.

Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church – The Groups

Emma and Gordon had requested that the Group images be split into 2 location which was absolutely fine with us.

After the Wedding at Campbeltown Parish Church we shot the first few outside the Church followed up by finishing the groups out at the reception venue.

Bride and Groom Shoot

On the way to the Reception venue we stopped off at a convenient bay to photograph the Bride and Groom shoot on the beach.

It was a bit breezy, which had it’s good points and bad points. It helped with some of the veil shots but also hindered some of the veil shots lol.

Wedding Photography in The Kintyre Peninsula can offer some stunning scenes and beautiful photos, especially at sunset.

We shot the Bride and Groom shoot early in the afternoon so the light was still pretty high in the sky and didn’t have any of the sunset hues to it, but we were hoping to capture that later.

We like to offer our couple who book our full day package two Bride and Groom shoots, the first one is to capture the more traditional style of images with the second being the chance to capture a sunset or an evening shoot.

Unfortunately this evening clouded over and there was no sunset for Gordon and Emma, plus the wind was picking up also, however we still managed to capture some stunning images from the first shoot.

Pre Reception

After the Bride and Groom shoot we headed to the reception where the wedding guests were enjoying some refreshments provided by The Platinum Bar.

This was an opportunity for me to get the Drone up and get some aerial images and video of the reception venue which is always nice as they are obviously shot from a different perspective.

Check out the video below for more details of the reception.

Cutting The Cake

Up next we were Cutting The Cake. The cake was made by Emma’s brother in law, Colin and he told us that he said as a laugh one day when they were collecting seashells that he would make her wedding cake like them…


Up next came the Speeches, and as always one of our favourite parts to photograph as we get to capture a mix of emotions.

First Dance

The first was played by the band, The Stereo Beats.


And now it was time to party, and hats off to The Stereo Beats as they had the dance floor packed from the first song right up until we left.


We have to start by thanking Gordon and Emma for asking us to photograph their wedding, it was a brilliant day from start to finish.

Other Vendors who helped Gordon and Emma have an amazing day:

Argyll Hog Roasts – Who provided the BBQ

Cafe Bluebell – Evening Buffet

Argyll Weddings and Events – Decor

The Stemery – Florist

Bridal hair piece: Fascinator headwear and jewellery by Emma

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Author: James Collett

Natural, Unobtrusive and Documentary Wedding Photographer who likes to shoot in a relaxed and light hearted atmosphere with over 10 years experience in Wedding Photography. I learned photography whilst serving in the Armed Forces and continued photography in the landscape genre winning a few awards along the way before moving into Wedding Photography.